• Slumba Original

    The Slumba Original mattress is soft enough to relieve pressure points yet firm enough to support the lower back. Just the right fusion of support, breathability, comfort, and alignment to give you a good night’s rest. 
  • The perfect pillow for all types of sleepers Traditional memory foam shape means you get all-encompassing comfort. We've used the most comfortable density to support your neck throughout the night. Best suited for back, front and side sleepers, with a medium soft feel.  
  • Dual comfort support catered to your needs Sumba's contoured memory foam cradles the head and supports the neck, while cooling ice-fiber technology helps regulate body temperature. Best suited for back and side sleepers, with a softer foam at the base of the neck. Choose between medium-high neck support or soft-low support. Best suited for back and side sleepers, with a softer foam at the base of the neck.
  • Adjustable Base

    Go to bed in style using the new premium adjustable bed frame from Slumba. We know life can be stressful, so unwind in personalized comfort. Four presets allow you to control your position whether you are lounging around or achieving that perfect night's sleep. Rest assured, the electric motor is extremely quiet, responsive to your needs, and won't wake the partner.
  • Folding Base

    The Slumba Folding Base is a very sturdy metal base that takes the place of a traditional metal base frame and box spring. We value sustainability which is why our bed frame is made from premium materials that provide a solid foundation for a capacity of up to 350 lbs.
  • Slumba Hybrid

    The Slumba Hybrid mattress gives you the best of memory foam and inner springs. It features the same comfort and long-term support as our Original memory foam mattress, but with increased bounce provided by the addition of pocketed coil springs.  


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